Deadmau5 Displays the Gleaming New Xbox Series X Console

Deadmau5, a musician who is known all over the world, collaborated with Microsoft to promote the Xbox Series X, which was only just announced, and in exchange, he was given a unique, personalized version of the next-generation gaming system as well as payment system.

The prominent figure in electronic music took to Instagram in order to publish photographs of a pristine machine that bore his name with the Xbox logo and the phrases “Power Your Dreams” at the bottom. However, he was not the only one to acquire his very own exclusive Series X; a few days earlier, Snoop Dog also obtained his very own copy.

The Xbox Series X was released on November 10 and brings stunning next-gen graphics to consoles, including the ability to play games in virtual reality (VR) and at a resolution of 4k. Consoles had begun to lag behind their PC counterparts somewhat in this department prior to the release of the Xbox Series X. Because of the solid-state drive storage, this fantastic piece of hardware loads games in a very short amount of time. The only issue is one that has plagued Microsoft for the entirety of the console wars, and that is a deficiency in the number of exclusive game titles.

Because the musician, Deadmau5, has always been a bit of a nerd at heart, the relationship between Xbox and Deadmau5 makes sense. It is still more effective to support something you are actually passionate about, therefore this partnership makes sense. Absolute Deadmau5 was his own virtual reality video game, which he developed and published in the year 2016.

While his image has been featured in a number of video and slot games, including DJ Hero 2 and even Goat Simulator, if you can believe it, his music has been featured in a number of games that are extremely popular all over the world, including Dota 2 and the FIFA football titles, as well as Need for Speed: Shift.

Even more recently, he was given his very own slot game, which is called Deadmau5, and it can be found on websites in the United Kingdom (UK) such as LeoVegas and Betfair that feature new online slots. The video game takes place at a nightclub and includes several of his most well-known tracks, such as “4Ware” and “Monophobia.”

This is not the first time that Deadmau5 and Xbox have collaborated together. Back in 2018, the artist participated in a unique episode of Xbox Live Sessions at PAX East. During this episode, he battled it out in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for a number of rounds (PUBG). He played live in front of fans at the venue as well as those watching online, and he collaborated with PUBG creative director Brendan Greene – better known as PlayerUnknown himself – and Xbox Live Major Nelson to put on a show that was truly spectacular for the audience.

Deadmau5 participated in the first few games while wearing his iconic enormous helmet, which had been modified such that the Xbox X’s eyes were visible through the holes. After Greene had taunted him, he screamed, “You wear the 18-pound mouse head,” and then the man took off his helmet, much to the amusement of the audience that had gathered. He did not perform very well. He then proceeded to make Greene put on the helmet and attempt to play the game, which resulted in considerable laughter from everyone there.

Given that Deadmau5 and Xbox have a history of working together fruitfully, it was a foregone conclusion that the musician would be associated with the introduction of the Xbox Series X platform, which has the potential to be the most significant new console release since the console wars first began.